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    Calculate Field Locally (not in query)

    Alan Jackoway

      I have a data source that is very large. It has a date field that is stored as a string, that I am using Tableau to convert to a date. However, Tableau does this in a query to my data source rather than by locally converting the string to a date. The result is an 8-minute wait time while the dashboard loads the range of dates. Is it possible to create a calculated field locally?


      Basically what I want is for Tableau to make a calculated field by running:


      SELECT DISTINCT datestamp FROM data;


      Then converting the datestamps in the results. Instead of:




      Then when someone chooses a date in the dashboard, it would be great if it could convert it back to the string, but my users are more willing to wait once they've requested a filter than they are at startup when the filter options are built.


      Thanks for the help.