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    Combining map data but keep circle size independent


      I have a US map that shows number of web visitors by city. Each city has a circle of a different size that represents the number of website visits with bigger circle meaning more visitors. No problem there. This data is in one data set


      What I want to add to this map are physical store locations. There are 500 and one store per zip code, so I figured I could just add the ZIP code of the store (from another, connected data set) to the map I described above. I dragged this over to the Marks area and then bad stuff...


      But what happened is that the ZIP code markers (representing stores) were added to the map as circles about the same size as my largest circle that was representing visitors. What I was imagining was that I could add a tiny point, perhaps of a different color than my existing circles, to represent each store location. However, if I adjust Size in the Marks area, all the circles shrink until my original circles are gone.


      What I'd like is to be able to have independently sized circles. One for the store locations (which would all be the same size) and a range of sizes to represent website visitors.


      EDIT: I should add that I tried to do dual axis and added another latitude and longitude to the column and row shelves. But when I try to add the second set of data (ZIP codes), it doesn't appear. If I do the ZIP codes first then try to add the website vistors, the visitor numbers are all wrong.


      Any ideas?




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