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    Parameter entry used a filter

    Claire Viney

      I am pretty new to Tableau and getting along quite nicely but have got a bit stumped on something. I am trying to create a report that shows the sales for the 4 centres by product. That bit was easy!

      I have created a parameter to select a centre. Once that is selected I then want to show all the product lines for that centre that have got zero sales but also the sales for the other centres.

      no sales report.bmp

      The image is showing all the product lines and their sales by centres. If I select Ferndown in the Centre Selector parameter field, then I would want just the 11003748 line to be displayed as this line has zero sales for Ferndown (FD Sales), but I would want to the see the sales for WE, RS and SH for the particular line.

      In the same vain, if I selected West End in the Centre Selector parameter field, then I want just the 11003657 line to be displayed.

      I currently run this report in something else, but I have 4 reports - one for each centre and I want to be able to do within one report using a parameter to filter the records.

      Can this be done?