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    Meeting Content

    Alex Lea

      Feel free to use this discussion to post your comments and suggestions around what we should cover in meetings, such as:


      • News and Updates - including software updates and information from Tableau Staff (including getting access to Beta versions of software);
      • Feedback from User Conferences - is anyone lucky enough to go to the European or US conferences? (I'll pay good money for a Tableau mug);
      • Networking - meeting other users and finding out about their experiences implementing and working with Tableau;
      • Show and Tell - bringing along examples of work (if possible). Explaining the problems and how a solution was built in Tableau;
      • Training - either as a group or with support from partners like The Information Lab. There may be some benefits in approaching trainers as a group;
      • Problem Solving/ Surgery - helping other members out with issues or problems they have
      • Data Hacks - bring along data (work related or not), slitting into small groups and creating dashboards
      • Anything else?


      Let us know what you think below.

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          Chris Love

          Hi Alex,


          I really like the idea of a "hack and show".


          If everyone was sent a dataset in the days preceeding the meeting everyone could try and work out a viz beforehand. Then we could share them with each other at the start of the session "networking" and the ones people thought were best, or had techniques others wanted to learn, could be discussed in more detail at the round table - perhaps building a version incorporating the best elements of all of them.


          That way everyone would have a common understanding of the data, and an opportunity to learn from others.


          Oh and lets go to the pub after the next one!


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            Alex Lea

            I've been contacted by Dotted Eyes/ Miso who would like to know if the group would like them to attend the next meeting to see what they can offer in terms of support, especially around mapping. What do people think? Would this be useful?


            For more information on who they are and what they do, visit: