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    Meeting Arrangements

    Alex Lea

      Feel free to use this discussion to post your comments and suggestions around the running of the meetings, such as:


      • Coverage - does the Midlands work as an area? Maybe as the group gets bigger, we might want to think about East and West Midlands groups;
      • Time and date - which days work best? Daytime, afternoon, early evening?
      • Location - there was a general agreement that the next meeting should be at County Hall, Leicester, and maybe branch out as the group develops. There's be an offer to host a meting in Birmingham - does that work?
      • Frequency - it was suggested that we have two or three meetings a year, possibly timed around updates (or the user conferences?) so we feedback as a group;
      • Organisation - we're (Leicestershire County Council) happy to manage the group for the time being - let us know if you;d like to be involved!
      • Duration - is two hours too long or not long enough? This might depend on what we cover in meetings;
      • Formal/ Informal - would people like time for networking/ informal discussions or a social event afterwards?
      • Travel - where are people coming from? Are there possibilities to car share etc?
      • Anything else?


      Let us know what you think below.

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          Hi Alex


          Good to hear another meeting being planned as I missed the first.


          • Coverage - The Midlands is good and central and probably convenient for a large number of users.  As other groups spring up it'd be good to review every now and again to try and keep them equidistant from each other.
          • Time and Date - A Monday or Tuesday best for me at any time but I would have a 2.5hr journey home afterwards to consider.
          • Location - As you're taking on the responsibility of hosting, I'll go to wherever convenient to you.  I work near Bath and live in Salisbury so it's quite a hike but would like to come to meet other users.  Birmingham (if south) would be more convenient if the offer of hosting is taken up.
          • Frequency - I think your idea of 2 or 3 per year is about right.  I'm intending on going to the London meeting next week and I'm hoping there'll shortly be an NHS Tableau User Group meeting organised.  Co-ordination between the different meetings would be good so they're not all on top of each other.  I agree with your comments about timing around Conferences/updates.
          • Duration - 2hrs is probably as short as I'd want to go given the travelling distance.
          • Formal/Informal - A more formal start to the meeting with a speaker or workshop with a possibility for networking/informal discussion afterwards - people can obviously leave at this point if they prefer a shorter session.
          • Travel - Don't suppose anyone will come from my direction but happy to pick up on the way.  However, may consider the train.


          Thanks very much Alex and colleagues for sorting this out.


          Best wishes



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            Chris Love

            Hi Alex,


            Glad to hear a new meeting is being arranged. Happy to come along if I can make it. I'd vote for a more informal approach, maybe even abandon County hall and find a pub with a room? I'd always favour a chance to network / interact and learn what everyone is doing over hearing a single speaker.


            How about a tableau "speed dating" format? Groups of 3's or 4's and swap round every so often to keep stuff fresh, then chance for general networking afterwards?