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    Question on “Include External Files” option

    Rishad Khalid

      I am connecting to text files as a data source. The text files are stored on an “available” file share.

      I have also used some images in my dashboards which are also stored on the file share.

      I have a few doubts on the “Include External Files” option when publishing.


      Case 1:  When I select the “Include External Files” option while publishing, does this mean all the source files, images are loaded to server and Tableau refers to that loaded version of the files? This means the files on the file share are not accessed anymore? The source files on the file share are refreshed every day. So I want Tableau to connect to the files when querying data. In this case, is it recommended for me to check this option or not?


      Case 2: Another scenario is when I have created an extract from the source file which is scheduled to refresh once a day. This is also stored on the file share. When I publish with the “Include External Files” checked, does it mean Tableau loads the extract file onto the server and does not refer to the extract file on the file share? OR will tableau respect the refresh schedule settings, refresh the extract and refer to the updated extract file on the file share.


      Thank You