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    Export to Excel in Tableau Professional vs. Published Report




      I have a simple questions, I was trying to search through the forums but couldn't find exactly what I was researching.


      We are on Tableau 7.0


      In Tableau Professional I have a workbook that is basically a crosstab report.

      • I go to export the worksheet as a "Crosstab to Excel" and when Excel opens up, the results (layout wise) is exactly how I see it in Tableau Professional


      But when I published the same workbook onto Tableau server and export the contents to a Crosstab from the published report, I do not see the same data (layout wise)



      Why is it when I export the results to Excel, that the layout of the Excel file is different between Tableau Professional and a published report from Tableau Server ?


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance.