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    How to make this in one table and freeze the first five columns?

    Tara Carter

      Hi there. I need to create a table like this, but when i tried to add the two Month columns it either change each row to two rows, or change the first 4 number columns to two columns each. Is there a way to make this one table? Another question is, when there are more month columns with a horizontal scroll, is it possible to have the first 4 number columns freeze? Any help greatly appreciated.

      table 1.jpg

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          Paul Schauppner

          I recently discovered a work around for this issue. The basic strategy is to use layers of floating container objects.


          -First, duplicate the sheet that contains rows/columns you would like to freeze.

          -In a dashboard, place this duplicated sheet as a floating container over the top of the original sheet (the window size, fit setting, and position will need to be adjusted to align with the original sheet)

          Note: you can use tiled containers as well, but the frozen rows/columns will be duplicated in the non frozen container

          -Place a blank floating container over the container you are trying to freeze (this will prevent any user interaction including scrolling, but it will also prevent hovering, and selecting)

          -If desired, clean up by overlaying a blank image over top of the scroll bar (this removes some potential confusion for users).


          A similar technique can be used to dynamically scale axes of different containers within a dashboard. Since the sheets are duplicates of the same data (even though different data is visible), the axes will scale the same if they are both set to auto.


          Attached, please find an example of this strategy used to compare different versions of a timeline to a reference timeline. In the example, a "Reference Timeline" is frozen from scrolling to compare to the rest of the records.  In place of a reference, you could have a grand total, gold standard, or multiple rows/columns.  I hope this is helpful for anyone trying to find a freeze pane workaround.

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