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    Tableau server (localhost) to Ipad

    Joe Berry

      I have downloaded Tableau Server on my local machine, which sits in my company network. The URL is  http://localhost.


      Other users in my network can access the tableau server login page (http://computer_name.domain), however using an ipad/iphone outside the company network, the URL does not work.


      What do I need to do so I can access the server on a tablet that is not connected to the network?


      Many thanks,



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          Eric McDonald

          You need to allow your web servers to be viewed externally. Really not a good idea to host the server on a local machine for many reasons. Ask your IT department or, if you are the IT department then you probably need some good network consultancy.

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            Joe Berry

            Not the IT department.


            Downloaded a demo version of the server to test a proof of concept. We are looking to implement Tableau across the organisation at some point in the future.


            So short term workarounds - get an ipad connected to the network and then we should be able to view web servers and connect to tableau.


            When we install tableau server on its own dedicated box how do we get around this problem?

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              Russell Christopher

              Hey Joe -


              Unfortunately you're between a rock and hard place - your devices (PC, iPad, whatever) need to be able to connect to Tableau Server over the network Tableau Server is running on... Period. No possible workarounds.


              So your options are limited to sneaky ways you can either get the device in question (iPad) ON the network (maybe through VPN) or expose Tableau to the outside world as Eric suggests.


              If and when the time comes, your IT department can help you get someone from outside your firewall/network TO the Tableau Server via routing/forwarding rules. But this won't help you now.