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    Create a stacked bar chart with activity per week colored by hour

    Karen Clark

      I have a spreadsheet that contains a breakdown of cases submitted in a weeks time (with week start date as the column). The count of cases submitted in a given two-hour interval are listed under each date, like this:


      12am - 2am141117
      2am - 4am456
      4am - 6am555
      6am - 8am171410


      What I would like is to create a stacked bar chart for which the columns are the Week Number (which Tableau is showing as Jun 30, Jul 7, etc.) and where the data is shown in a stacked bar chart.


      Another program I use can do this because it doesn't care what value is being used to subdivide the total value for each bar in each column (i.e. the red in the below example would be the 12am - 2am value, the yellow would be the 2am - 4am value, etc.):

      Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 1.53.06 PM.png


      For what it's worth, I have access to the source data so can take the approach of generating the time groupings on my own, if that's the preferred method here...


      I am stumped as to how I can achieve this in Tableau. Your advice / ideas would be very much appreciated!