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    Two independent filters / Calculated Field using Filter selection

    Oscar Jara

      I have two measures, Measure A (Hole Depth - progress of the project) and Measure B (Bit Depth - indicator during the project).


      Measure A - Hole DepthMeasure B - Bit Depth
      Project Comparison.pngOne Project.png


      I want to display the "Measure A" for many projects and only showing the "Measure B" for only one specific project in only one worksheet.


      I have in place a filter with "Multiple Values List" in order to select the projects I want to see for the Measure A,  and another filter with "Single Value List" in order to select the project for Measure B.


      I tried creating an calculated field using:


      If [Job] = [Bit Selection]

          Then [Bit_Depth]

          Else Null



      Where [Bit Selection] is a static parameter. I could fix it using this parameter, but this is a fix selection.


      I would like to use the values that has been selected in the "Single Value List" for Measure B and display it with the Measure A in one chart. How can I do that?