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    Advanced Interaction With Third Party Web Pages / Mapping Components

    Brian Scott

      Hello friends -


      I'm wondering if anyone has played around with trying to couple externally hosted sites with panels in a tableau server dashboard? While the geocoding component of the mapping feature on Tableau is nice, their mapping stuff really isn't sufficient for my needs, which mandates neighborhood and individual street level zooming as well as the ability to paint polygons and linear features without too many acrobatics.  Unfortunately, the tool that is good at this type of mapping operation isn't very good at showing calculations, and other metrics that are also of use to the decision makers. 


      So, what I'd like to do is get to a place where I can dashboard the map in a big 'ol panel, then give some small panels that have details on them.  Then, I'd LOVE to be able to click/menu on items in my tableau native panels and push instructions out to the page being rendered as an external site.  Clearly this is a hack, but it would be a beautiful one if I could get there. 


      My external site will accept parameters as gets, has anyone been able to modify the URL of an externally hosted panel at run time based on a click event?


      Has anyone tried something similar? 


      Any insight is appreciated.




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          Brian Scott

          Note:  It does look like you can utilize parameters to achieve this somewhat; i.e., create a parameter with these types of names/values


          Area 1  / ?extraParameter1=someValue&extraParameter2=anotherValue


          Then, put your parameter onto one of your panels and render it.  Then, in your dashboard, goto the externally hosted url panel, tell it you want to edit your URL, and your parameter value will be available.  You'll need to appropriately craft your values to http compliant values, but that isn't too difficult. 


          I still haven't figured out / if you can go *back* from an external host to a panel hosted in tableau server. . . . .

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Pinging Allan Walker now this is where your WMS/GIS solution IS the answer.



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              Allan Walker





              Brian, Tableau has the ability to connect to GIS data warehouses using two different methods: one is through adaptation of the TMS file; the other is through WMS.


              A solution that may interest you is available here:


              To understand this concept:  The solution allows you to bring in background basemaps, layered groups, "middle layers" and then use Tableau to analyse foreground "layers" which are basically ESRI SHP files that have been converted to Tableau ready format (Polygon, Line, Circle, Shape) etc.


              The scope of this solution is really limited to a local installation though - scaling this to the enterprise level isn't really practical, because really, it's about serving up the tiles.


              If you are talking about enterprise-wide, then for more information contact Craig Bloodworth over at The Information Labs (recently partnered with Alteryx) or Ian White at urban mapping


              You are also correct about URL parameters.  It's possible to display Google Maps and other 3rd party maps using this method, but analysing your data using this method is limited.  I suspect you want to analyse your shapes and points.


              Best Regards,