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    Show Top 10 - By a category containing multiple items


      I am new to Tableau (few weeks) and currently struggling with a report


      I am trying to show the top 10 values by categories. The top 10 are being displayed as the top 10 for the entire dataset instead of showing the top ten items in each category. I have tried filtering in various ways, all have the same result...


      Maybe I am approaching it the wrong way?


      Goal: to show the count by top 10 ALS Interventions for each item in the MPDS Category


      This is filtered by the top 10 ALS Interventions - I tried to perform by using the top 10 by MPDS Category in the filter selections.

      Sample of MPDS Top 10.bmp


      Here it shows the count of Interventions performed and what should be counted and displayed in the top 10

      Sample of All Items for Top 10.bmp