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    Polygon Mapping and Data Blending

    Wizard Lee

      Hi all gurus


      I have the following requirement:

      1. I need to show a polygon map

      2. Using the polygon map data, I need to blend this data with another set of data containing measures and other dimensions to show further context in the polygon map view

      3. Further context is a pie chart overlaid onto the top of the map.

      4. I can only use data blending, I do not have access to create custom SQL as this has not been provided


      So, when I go to create the above, and I create a secondary marks card for my pie chart, I'm unable to show the breakdown of categories in the pie chart due to the aggregation issue with data blending, therefore the pie chart shows 1 point and is represented by "*" (asterisk).


      I have experienced this issue previously with data blending and have not yet come up with work around. Can someone please provide possible solution taking into account custom SQL is not possible?


      I have attached workbook as example