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    Paid Gig - Need Tableau Expert for Parking Survey Analysis

    Brian Heins

      This is what a friend helped me get from the first data set. Dashboard 1. The survey data has grown since then and I have been struggling to create anything useful. There are a few sheets in the Excel workbook (attached) with compatible data which need to correlate, and that's even more complicated. The first sheet is just a summary and explains the goal of what I intend to show. Please contact me if you can do this job. I will have the "final" data collected by Wednesday and maybe a day to enter it into the computer so I should have it ready by the weekend. Of course the following week being Thanksgiving, I can't really expect to get it done before, but if it's possible you would know. The only variable missing from the data now is the addition of a new store (China Buffet), the patrons and vehicles for that business are important to include for 3 days surveyed.


      Please contact me with your payment rate and schedule, this is a real job. Thank you. - Brian


      310-486-1733 (Los Angeles time)