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    Concurrent user control on Tableau Server (brainstorm please)

    Frances Holland

      I have a dashboard that my company has decided to sell on a "number of users" basis, i.e. 1 user = a certain cost, 2-5 users = another cost.  My obvious question regarding that is "how do you know they haven't just asked for one and have ten people using the same login?"


      On Tableau Server, how can I count the number of users logged in, regardless of whether they're using different or the same login?  Alternatively can I control so that a login can't be used concurrently?


      Tech wise, I'm happy for a solution that uses Tableau itself, or is in the HTML/jscript (the dashboard is embedded) as I can call the username from the Javascript API.  I'd also appreciate any brainstorming ideas on the subject.


      If that's a total fail, do you know how I could see such a thing in the server PostgreSQL database that I can see user logins from?  I could potentially just monitor it occasionally if there's a way to track concurrency in that.


      Thoughts?  I'll mark any good ideas as helpful.