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    How to get Tableau & Excel to play nice?

    Brian Heins

      I have a problem with date coming in wrong, the data after opening in Tableau is not visible in Excel. This is how it's entered and shown in Excel: Date, Entry Time, Vehicle Make/Model, Vehicle Lic.#, Meter Paid?, Store Visited, Exit Time, Total Time, Recognized Repeat User. DATA: Sun 3/24/2013 5:30 PM, Ford Explorer, WAIT570, Yes, Other/None, 6:00 PM, 0:30, . This is the same data opened in Tableau: Date, Entry Time, Exit Time, Meter Paid?, Recognized Repeat User, Store Visited, Total Time, Vehicle Lic.##, Vehicle Make/Model, Number of Records. DATA: 3/24/2013 12:00:00 AM, 12/30/1899 5:30:00 PM 12/30/1899 6:00:00 PM, Yes, Other/None, 12/30/1899 12:30:00 AM, WAIT570, Ford Explorer, 1.

      Obviously one issue is the date conversion using year 1899 and date ignoring time of day and instead using 12:00AM. Regardless the exact date issue, I cannot get data to show in a manner to indicate length of stays at time of entry with store visited in color and stacked.

      (Mock-up of expected visualization attached)

      A friend helped with one data set and I could not decipher how he used the worksheets to get what he was able to show.

      The data collected has grown and his viz is outdated, but he was able to show details I could not figure out how to extract, like the info I've shown in yellow. I need to show things like; 5 specific cars predominantly use the parking lot for extended parking time (more that 2 hours), most cars are parked at unpaid meters (OR visitors to Store Z typically do not pay the meter - if that's true), most cars park for about an hour and only visit once, the lot is never more than 25% full, etc.


      This task is very important and I'd love to use Tableau but I cannot master it quickly enough for this important project. Now I can create what I need from Excel data and use Photoshop to generate visuals (and I realize I'd need to start over every time the data grows). Ideally I'd like to have the data available for public review, custom filtering, and other features Tableau offers, so PLEASE Help if you can. Thank you.


      If anyone can take this contract I can hire you to do it while I learn for the next time. If this is not allowed on this forum I apologize and I really need to find an expert to hire this first time. Thanks again. - Brian