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    dynamic default dates

    Nilay Shah

      is it possible to show on dashboard default date day-1 and then the user is able to choose whatever day they want?

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          Murali Govindu

          With the limited data you posted, I could say that you can use Calc. field and Date function 'Today' and set your default date '-1', etc..   when you take this function on to the dashboard in the appropriately, the user can always see yesterday's date anytime as a default.  For the second part of your answer, you may have to a quick filter on the date to choose (all assuming your data!).


          Try as above and still if here is no relief, post a sample workbook to address it further.

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            Nilay Shah


            please see above dashboard..

            all worksheets on the dashboard use filter day-1

            however, the new requirement is from "Actual Trend- Sales" worksheet (bottom right)

            which has dates on it, a person should be able to click on that and all numbers should change..


            i can use action for this purpose but my problem is before they pick any dates the dashboard should be for day-1 ..how to show that?

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              Murali Govindu

              If this data is sensitive, suggest a mock and send.


              If the Actuals Trend... sheets related data has to be displayed on other sheet display, you are right to use the action filter on the Actuals Trend.... sheet.


              I could see Nov 17 is displayed on this sheet, if I understand correctly, you wanted to see here Nov 16 instead.  If this is the case, create a calculated field involving the date field that is being used currently, and you may use a function '...-1'.

              how about....

              If  [DATE FIELD NAME] <= today() and [DATE FIELD NAME]>= Dateadd('day',-1,(datetrunc('day',today()))) then [SALES FIELD] End


              Take this into filter and tweak accordingly.  Hope it would work.





              P.S.: the above may show only for one day date after filtering, trying playing around with the trunc and <= signs.