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    Dashboard not displaying properly on Tableau Server

    David Goldstone

      I have designed a dashboard in tableau desktop v8. I have several sheets in one dash and used the 'title' shelf in a one of the sheets to display some text. I have used tiled objects. Title is checked on the worksheet menu to ensure it displays properly and is set to 'Entire view'.


      When it is uploaded to tableau server, it does not display the text in the 'text box'. You can see the box boarders, but no text. The colour is set to black and font size 8. There is nothing else blocking it. I cant figure out why it isnt displaying,

      However, on the left of the tableau server screen where you can see a small image of all the tabs, you can see the said dash with the text box displaying perfectly, just when you click on it to display fully, you cant.


      Any ideas?