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    Is there a way to set up a default view besides remember my changes?


      We're working on a system wide dashboard. One of the requirements from the users is that when they log in they would like to see the data personalized to their region. Example:


      • Manager of Midwest would login and see Northwest revenue and the offices he manages' individual sales figures compared to the system average as a reference line
      • Office manager region would login and see his salesmen's individual sales revenue compared to the each other as well as his office average compared to the region average.
      • Salesmen would be able to see their own sales compared to the office average


      Currently, however, this means separate visualizations that collapse based on a user filter and who logs in. The problem with this method is that this report will be sized for an iPad so that extra space that the hidden visualizations take up is quite valuable.


      I've attached a very elementary workbook that basically shows the three different views that ideally would be consolidated on the same dashboard and render depending on who was logged in.


      Any help, even if it's just industry best practices surrounding these types of issues, would be fantastic. Thanks!