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    Pushing Tableau Integration to the Sky

    Michel Roberge

      Hi guys,


      I'm talking about the Cloud, obviously


      So we're a Tableau OEM partner. We have done some great integrations with Tableau (source control, multilanguage, repository, import/export accross systems, etc).


      We're now moving into the next stage, which is the integration to our Cloud offering.


      I know Tableau is offering (or will be - it might still be beta?) Tableau Cloud Services. We will be doing something similar - offering our OEM Server build through the Cloud. To save costs, we might want to use the same Tableau Server for multiple customers. When doing that, isolating content, connections and users is critical.


      We can isolate content and connections through the use of Sites.


      So my question is this:


      "How should we manage the users?"


      I have verified (and was told by Tableau) that Tableau Users are SYSTEM-based, not SITE-based. So I cannot just rely on Tableau Sites, because the same user might have access to multiple site.


      One solution is I could prefix the usernames with some "site" prefix key, but then the users wouldn't "control" their usernames; we would. This could become messy, and requiring our customers to remember "hey, your username is XYZ_YourUserId" is kind of... You know... Not so great.


      Any good idea? I'm thinking I might be looking at it from the wrong angle.





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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Michel,


          Have you looked into  Tableau Online | Tableau Software?



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            Russell Christopher

            Hey Michael -


            Ultimately, it sounds like you want to allow a single username string to be used by multiple users and have it automagically "uniqufiy"  based on the site(s) it is associated with. As you point out, this is problematic on a number of levels:


            The username is a proxy/pointer to site or sites it is associated with. To remove this relationship and allow for multiple people to share the same username string on the same system, then you need some way to internally modify the username so that when someone presents the username "Russell", we know whether we're talking about the "Russell" (system user 123) in Site1, the "Russell" (system user 912), in Site2, or the "Russell" (system user 763) in Site3.


            I guess this could be accomplished by having a distinct login page for each site:


            • Russell logging in at /auth1 gets mapped to user 123
            • Russell logging in at /auth2 gets mapped to user 912
            • Russell logging in at /auth3 gets mapped to user 763


            ...but Tableau doesn't do this. It would be a mess


            Tableau Online approaches this problem by making the person's username the email address on their tableausoftware.com account. Maybe you should do the same thing? That way the user still gets a "personalized" username without giving them a real choice and having multiple people try and use the string "Russell".

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              Michel Roberge

              Hi Russel,


              That's exactly what I'm looking for. Right now, my solution was to "prefix" the usernames by the site-id or something along the way, but I wanted to know how it is addressed with Tableau Online.


              Using the email address is actually a surprisingly simple yet efficient solution. The uniqueness of email address is something I believe we could rely on in our context.