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    Counting Overlapping Marks on a Map

    Jeff Chen

      I have what seems to be more difficult question than it appears at first glance. Here is the basic setup:

      1. Grid.png

      This is a grid of 200 randomly generated coordinates on a 5x5 grid (this is an example – the real thing is a lot less distinct). Obviously, there are overlapping coordinates:

      2. Number of Records.png

      And each mark has its own values:

      3. Values.png

      The two questions are:

      1. How do you get the tooltip to show the number of points underlying the mark?
      2. How do you get the tooltip to show the total value of all the points on the same mark?


      This is similar to a topic raised back in 2011, "Tooltips of overlaid marks indicated number of marks" but I wanted to see if there are more elegant solutions now, and if somebody can explain the table calculations involved making it possible.


      Between this issue and frequency counts, I think these are the two more convoluted visualization problems that I would love Tableau to resolve through a feature addition.


      Oh, and here's sample workbook: