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    Is there a way for an item on a dashboard to be a filter for another dashboard without being an action?


      I have two items on one dashboard, a US map and a breakdown of sales by product category. I have set the map as a filter for this dashboard so that when I click on a state, it shows the sales by product category for that state only. I have the applied an action to the sales by category item so that when you click on a category it opens a second dashboard which displays specific sales data on each product within that sales category but this data is not filtered by the state I chose from the first dashboard. It displays total sales data for each product (not by stat).


      I don't want to create a filter action on the map item for the second dashboard because I don't want to jump to the second dashboard every time I select a certain state. Is there a way to apply a filter action that doesn't automatically jump you to the target dashboard but is still in effective when you click on another filter action that does jump you to the target dashboard?


      Basically I want to isolate a specific state, see its performance in each product category, then click on a category that I want to see more about and have it jump to another dashboard with information filtered by that product category AND the state I selected.