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    Last value calculation in pie chart

    Egor Larin

      Hi there,


      I've got a little problem.


      I've got excel with contracts and projects. Every monday i must input new information. It can be about new projects or updating existing projects.


      I've got 'update date' - it is date of monday of each week. On Dashboard User can use it with filter and i've got situation when it is 'All'.


      I need to know for each project last value of my KPIs from my data.


      KPI 3 - KPI 2 = KPI 4 and i need to calculate portion for each KPI 2 and KPI 4 for all projects.


      For my report i must create a pie chart for all contracts and projects wich will show agregate sum or portion of my KPIs. But when i use last() and calculate it along 'update date' my labels shows for all my weeks, but i'm need only 2 labels for all weeks.


      See my screenshot.


      kpi sample.png

      Let me describe more careful


      I need to compute total portion for KPI 2 and KPI 4.


      I've created pivot table in excel on my data. By each colour i have summ of my KPI (blue, green, light blue).

      As you can see for contract CN_14 i take values on week 03/11/13, but for CN_1258 - values on 27/10/13, etc.


      And i've got a pie which created on sum of KPI 2 and 4.

      Last value for project.png


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