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    Issue in displaying percentage of total along with Top N

    Rishad Khalid



      I have a scenario where i have a supplier and a related <measure> say [sum(Value_US)].

      I have to show the top 10 suppliers based on the <measure>. This is simple. I apply a filter for supplier and use the Top 10 by <measure> option. This is working fine.

      I have to show another measure [sum (Value_US) / total (Value_US)] which is Percentage of total of the <measure>.

      When there is no condition applied for Top 10, this works as expected.

      When I apply condition for Top 10, Tableau calculates the percentage based on the Top 10 suppliers only. I want the the percentage to be calculated for all the suppliers present in the data. Can we do this in Tableau?

      Attached is the sample packaged workbook.