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    Slow loading workbook

    James Schintz

      I have issues optimizing a slow loading workbook On Tableau Server.

      Does anyone have any quick tips on how to get this thing rendered more quickly?

      The workbook will be embedded in a Public Website, so I am looking for a ,<3 second initial load time.


      I have gone through each visualization and tried out the Tableau Performance Analyzer.  Some initial gains were made.  I see a 2 send load time for my initial page.  What would cause it to take 8 seconds on Server or Tableau Public?

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          Matt Lutton

          Your bubble chart and "Company list" seem to have the largest number of marks, and while interesting, I'm not sure how useful these are as visualizations.  The Company List in particular took a while to render, even on Tableau Desktop.  I also see some blank dashboards and sheets, so I'm not sure what those are about.

          # of marks being drawn.png


          As a test, you could remove those two charts and save a copy of the workbook--then upload it and see what gains are made.  Perhaps you can find another way to visualize this information, if its critical.


          Does the "Name_1" or "Type of Institution" filter reduce the size of your data by 90% or more?  If so, you can right click and "Add to Context"--this might help as well, but I didn't look at the data closely.  Note that you can also use "Data Source Filters" if you want to limit the data being brought into Tableau.  I often do this for school years, or different institutions, if my dashboard only needs to focus on one school year or one school, etc.


          These are just my thoughts--I am by no means an expert on Performance.

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            James Schintz

            Good call on the "Company list", can be switched for a top 25 without loosingmuch.

            People love the bling of the bubble chart.