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    Dashboard Navigation - Images as Actions




      Following on from a previous thread where Matt Lutton confirmed that you can't have actions between Dashboards on Server, I've been trying to find the best way to enable custom navigation paths.


      Specifically, we have three groups of reporting areas Focus A, B, C. Each reporting area has multiple dashboards, e.g. A1, A2, ..., B1, B2, ...


      My first thought was to use Custom Shapes to include my own nav bar at the top of each dashboard with Focus A   Focus B   Focus C so users could move between subject areas.


      The issue here is that I can't ensure a high enough resolution with the custom shapes to make it presentable.

      So first off, are there any tricks / techniques to ensure that the custom shapes have a high resolution when used? Shawn Wallwork uploaded a really good custom shapes guide before, and the shapes seemed to be really crisp, would you have any ideas?


      I've also tried using background images, but while this gives a really good resolution you can't use the whole image as an action.


      Then I looked at using Dashboard Images attaching a URL (the reports are on Server), but there are 40 dashboards, so maintaining this doesn't seem feasible. For every refresh you'd have to alter 40 x 3 dashboard image URLs. I couldn't see a way to make a Dashboard Image URL dependent on a calculated field - if possible this could be a really good solution.


      Any help on this would be really appreciated!!