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    Analyzing Questionnaire Data


      I have a large questionnaire that has mostly string data (Y,N) that I am trying to run through Tableau. There is skip logic built in that is creating some challenges regarding the format of the data set. AFter the top level question there is the potential to answer between 2 and 5 additional questions. Obviously not everyone answers these additional questions. Since Tableau recognized the string data as dimensions (example below) (No of Records is the metric/measure) I am unable to display in a crosstab or bar chart without Tableau displaying (the count) as hierarchical.


      111YNBlank =null/not answered2005


      What I am trying to do is to visualize the sum of each of the questions on an axis. To do this would I have to convert each of the dimensions to a measure (say count)?


      Apologies for any confusion. Any feedback is much appreciated.