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    Welcome to the new Survey Data Tableau User Group!

    Susan Baier

      Hi everyone, and welcome to the group!


      I'm Susan Baier, group administrator. I run a market research firm in Chandler, AZ called Audience Audit -- we do custom quantitative attitudinal audience segmentation research for marketers. I have worked with Tableau and survey data for about two years now, and use it exclusively to explore and visualize data, and to share insights with my clients.


      I attended my first Tableau Customer Conference in 2013, and was struck by how different many of the challenges are when you're using Tableau for survey data. I spoke with many other Tableau users at that conference who were struggling with many of the things I'd figured out how to do when I first started using Tableau for my data. I spoke with the good folks at Tableau about starting a virtual user group for those of us working with this kind of data, and ... TA-DA! Here we are!


      I definitely don't consider myself a Tableau Jedi, but it's clear that I've picked up some tips along the way that have been helpful to other users, so I will definitely be sharing them here. I hope that other members will contribute their advice concerning the nuts and bolts of working with survey data, and also asking questions that can benefit everyone on the group.


      I also enjoy discussions about how survey data SHOULD be visualized to make the most sense to our audiences, and I believe some of the new features in Tableau 8.2 next year will give folks like us some great tools to make our work even better.


      You can see an interview with me at the Tableau Conference if you want to know more about how using Tableau has REVOLUTIONIZED my business:




      So say hi, introduce yourself to the group, and tell us what you do. If you offer paid services to help others work with Tableau, please make that clear in your introduction -- if not and you're just here to learn and to help others, that's great too!


      Let's get started!