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    Using MDX Calculated Members to filter a measure by a dimension

    Clare Duxbury

      Hi all, I apologise ahead of time if I am being a little bit slow when it comes to using MDX.


      We're discovering the joy of using Tableau connected to an OLAP cube, and one of the things we need to figure out how to do is to create a calculated member measure that is the result of another measure, sliced by a dimension.


      Given a dimension called ResponseType of "Yes", "No", "Other", and a measure of "Responses", we need the calculated measure of "YesResponses" to be a count of all Responses that are Yes.


      It seems simple, but I've tried most of the solutions on this forum and others, without much luck. The common wisdom seems to be doing something like the below, however this is only producing a null value.




      Any help here is gratefully received!






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