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    Why is the forum community important?

    Shawn Wallwork

      This post is primarily a shout-out for Jonathan Drummey and his most excellent blog Drawing with Numbers and Joe Mako.  But it is also a shout-out to our community, our forums. Why? Because we have a wonderful community that offers up solutions for both newbies and old-hands alike. These forums, and specifically Jonathan and Joe, helped me solve a problem I'd been struggling with for awhile.

      I won't go into the boring details, but this:


      Padding, Null/Missing Values

      ... and an adaptation of Joe's formula:


      IFNULL(MIN([My_Field]), (LOOKUP(AVG(1),0)))


      ...and a bit of converting from strings to numbers back to strings again, helped me crack a rather difficult nut.


      I found both Jonathan's and Joe's formulas by searching our forums and following links. Thank you Jonathan, Joe, and Forums Foks. You all made my day -- and will thrill my London client when they wake up tomorrow!




      PS: D&T new search is so much better... Thx.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          You're welcome Jonathan. And put me on the list of Fanboys who want a poster!





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            Matt Lutton

            My primary reason for joining was obviously to learn more about Tableau.  I was very intimidated at first, because there is obviously a core group of users who contribute the most--as an "outsider", I wasn't sure if I would be accepted.  All I can say, is this "core group" has been extremely helpful to me and I've never really been made to feel like an idiot (even if I deserved it).  As a member of several forums outside of my professional realm (mostly guitar forums), I for one appreciate this as many forums have a sort-of "clique-ish" vibe.  I haven't felt that here.


            I also really appreciate the detailed explanations provided by folks like Jonathan Drummey, Jim Wahl, Joshua Milligan (and many others--I guess J names are on the brain).  This can be a complex tool, and often answers/solutions are equally complex so I thank anyone who takes the time to explain the WHY in addition to the HOW.


            Anyway, I love this forum.  As I have said before, I have probably learned more about Tableau here than anywhere else and I hope that continues.


            Cheers, and thanks to all who contribute in a positive way.

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              Joshua Milligan

              Matthew, thanks for the shout out!  I would echo what everyone has said -- the community is a great place and the credit really goes to everyone involved, the contributors and helpers, those who ask questions, Dustin Smith, tracy.fitzgerald, and the rest of the Tableau team who have worked tirelessly to improve the entire experience.


              It is a great place to learn, grow, and share.  Johan's list of benefits for contributors seems to hit the mark.  Obviously those looking for answers to questions have great benefit to as they hopefully find not only the answers they seek, but also explanation that will help them as they seek to learn, grow, and help others.  Christian Chabot set forth an incredible vision of how seeing and understanding data can improve the world -- and this community plays no small part in that.