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    how to add 2nd worksheet from excel file to same workbook

    canny yue

      Hi guys,


      i expect to make a map in tableau, i have set map from data 1. and i want to add the sch position, i have set a new worksheet in excel file .


      why my maps only show dots and not like districts? i only can type longitude and latitude.


      and i 'm not sure the steps about the adding 2nd worksheet to tableau ,is't the steps are


      Data--> connect to data-->Microsoft excel--> step1.pngchoose same excel--> step2.png-->step3.png

      is my steps correct?

      now i want to add 2nd worksheet data(sch postal) to map, it show me a warning


      i go to the relationship that, and what should i do for this relationship?





      Tableau Administrator

      Ramon Martinez