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    custom sql not refreshing

    Heidi Barnes


      One of the data sources I'm using is a customer sql statement.  I normally do not have any issues with this and all refreshes usually go off without a hitch.


      For some reason I now have a workbook that is not pulling in any add'l rows when updating.  When I try and edit the connection to be sure the sql is ok, I am now getting the "Tableau Data Extract Connection" box with step 1: select an extract file and step 2: give the connection a name for use in tableau.  I have opened a different workbook to be sure I wasn't going nuts and all other workbooks are fine.


      This has never happened before and I'm not sure what to do.  I have a feeling it's a simple setting that I'm missing, but would love some guidance!


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          Heidi Barnes

          I just actually noticed that next to each of the datasources that are linked to our datawarehouse, the word "Extract" is showing.  Is there a way to fix this so it's not pointing to an extract but instead is just pointing to our datawarehouse instead?  I'm sure this is why the refresh is NOT pulling in the new rows, but not sure how to fix.

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            Russell Christopher

            Heidi - it sounds like you or someone on your team may have inadvertently (or on purpose) created an in-memory extract against your data sources.These are often used improve performance agaisnt slow databases.You can read about them in help.


            An extract stays static until you refresh it, at which point it is rebuilt and any new rows in your datasource show up.


            Here's a data source without an extract. Notice only one "container":

            ScreenHunter_14 Nov. 12 21.13.gif


            And here's the same data source with an extract active on it note multiple "containers":


            ScreenHunter_15 Nov. 12 21.14.gif


            You can refresh the extract by right-clicking the data source, choosing Extract, then Refresh:


            ScreenHunter_16 Nov. 12 21.15.gif


            Note that you can also Remove the extract from same menu. Before doing so, check with your team - someone probably put it there for a reason


            Finally, you can tell the data source to connect "Live" to the data source again by deslecting the check mark next to the Use Extract menu item.


            Hope this helps!