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    Random display of graphics - especially marks

    Robyn Stables

      I am having a great deal of trouble with tableau changing the display of my marks.

      I set a graph to Show Marks Automatically (I have selected All first).  This sets a %age to show at the top of all bars in the chart perfectly.

      The next time I open the file or tab either all of the marks have disappeared or some of them.  Every time I have to go back in and reset to show the Marks again.

      I have attached two jpeg files to show how random the results are.  In both instances all of the graphs have had the %age marks appear on all bars.


      Please help I getting frustrated.


      My file is 5,998KB Size.  And working on a new Dell XPS laptop with an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 card.  I am wondering it this is the problem.