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    Show all data for all years filtered by an event occurring in one year


      I am new to Tableau so I apologize if this has already been answered - I've searched the forums but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I have a data set that has individual records of membership data over an 8 year period (2006 - 2013). I am trying to isolate those individuals who cancelled their membership in 2012 and compare them as a group to individuals who did NOT cancel in 2012. Each time I've tried to filter by these criteria, I end up unable to see data for the prior years for these records.


      For example, the table below is sample data for an individual record. I want to identify John Doe as someone who cancelled in 2012 but I also need to see his past years' data. I created a calculated field to capture both criteria....


      if[MbrStatus]='Cancelled' and [Year]=2012

      then [Master_Customer_id]

      else 'Not Canc in 2012'


      ... but I can't his "score" for any years prior to 2012. Any suggestions on how to set this up??



      John Doe20060New
      John Doe20071Renew
      John Doe20080Renew
      John Doe20093Renew
      John Doe20100Renew
      John Doe20110Renew
      John Doe20120Cancelled