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    Export tableau workbook in a Tableau-Reader Only format (no Desktop)

    alberto aguero

      hi guys,


      we would like to offer to our users the possibility to open the tableau reports with Tableau Reader


      but we are facing a problem


      the problem is that in the same packaged workbook we are including data for different clients and we have set a filter for specifying the client that is passed via URL


      our problem is that if we let the user to download the workbook and opens it with Tableau Desktop instead of Tableau Reader he/she will be able to change the filter and see other clients data


      what logically should be avoided


      my question is, is there any way to export  a Tableau Workbook to a format that only Tableau Reader can open in Read-Only mode?


      or, in case Tableau Desktop could open it, remove the possiblity to change the filter, something similar to a Read-Only mode?