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    Specially waterfall build problem

    Csorba Istvan

      Hi all,



      I want to create special a waterfall, which represent sales data.

      My sales data table contain the next values: value, date, and product category(eg: Audi, BMW, Mercedes).

      I want to use the next filters:

        -date interval filter, with monthly precision

        -product category filter

      For example:

        -selected time interval: 2012 aug-2012 october

        -and all product category selected

      The waterfall chart is the next:

        -first column is the sum of sales for the all product category, in the preventive month of the interval start month(2012 july)

        -the next 3 column is the sales of product categories(Audi, BMW, Mercedes) from 2012aug to 2012october

        -the last column is the sum of these columns

      I have attached an image, which demonstrate it.


      Can/How can i it implement in Tableau?