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    Unable to open twbx viz of the day

    Frances Holland

      I have downloaded today's viz of the day (Football Player Transfers | Eye See Data) and am unable to open it in Tableau Desktop 8.0.5 - the error is "This file was created by a newer version of Tableau.  Please contact Tableau Software to upgrade your version."


      8.0.5 is the newest version of Tableau - why am I getting this message?

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          Dan Huff

          Just in general everyone, please do not make a habit of editing the XML of twb files. This can cause all kinds of issues in the workbook which will subsequently not be addressed by our support team. In the case of editing the XML, it is very much a "you break it you bought it" sort of situation.



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            Phillip Burger

            Dan, what do you think of the idea of keeping multiple versions of Tableau Desktop installed on our desktops as a way to deal with these kind of issues when they come up? 

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              Dan Huff

              I personally have 5 versions installed since I am testing things across versions regularly. The original issue here was due to trying to open an 8.1 workbook in an 8.0.5 Desktop. It is very rarely OK to edit the XML in this case since there may be features in 8.1 that did not exist in 8.0.5. When the workbook is opened in Desktop, issues will occur. Additionally, our XML structures may change between versions. Our products are smart enough to handle this situation but editing an XML is not the correct method.


              In future releases, we are looking towards having better forward/backward compatibility stories. For now, please steer clear of XML edits. I totally support having multiple versions of Desktop especially if you have some colleagues that refuse to upgrade (I was on Windows XP until I started working at Tableau ).