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    Can I greate a set from measures?

    Abigail Daken

      It looks like sets can only be created from dimensions, but I want to create something like it from measures.  How can I do that?


      The larger task:


      In my data, there are particular fields that are filled for some data points (rows) but not for others.  Let's call them A and B.  I'd like to be able to filter for rows that have data in A but not B, in B but not A, and in A and B.  How would I do that?  My ultimate criteria is to count rows that meet particular criteria in A and B, while understanding how many rows have incomplete data.


      I've tried plotting a count of A, then filtering on B to exclude null values, but it doesn't seem to be working - it seems to be filtering on whether A has null values or not.


      Any and all solutions gratefully accepted.