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    Calculated field for conditional 'look-up' to another data source


      I'm looking for a way to either use a value from the primary data source or a secondary data source, depending on the value in the primary data source. In the attached example: If Employee Type in 'Employees_Sample' begins with a letter (A, B or C) then use this Employee Type; if Employee Type in 'Employees_Sample' does not begin with a letter then use the Estimated Employee Type value from 'Employees Type Lookup_Sample'.


      I created the calculated field 'Employee Type for Chart' in an attempt to apply this logic, however I'm not achieving desired results when I use this field in charts. I need a text table with four columns: Employee Type for Chart, Year of Hire Date, Relocation Plan, Count of Employees. I also attempted a stacked bar chart and experienced similar issues.


      Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks!