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    Filter issue in Sheet Selector from Dashboard

    Dharmesh Purohit

      Hi all,



      I tried Sheet Selector for Dashboard and it is really useful.


      Creating a Sheet Selector for a Dashboard | Tableau Software


      But I am facing one issue.


      I have created two worksheet one for Dollar growth and another for Unit growth. Both worksheet has same filters like Region and Sub region base on region selection I am getting respective sub regions in second filter.


      This works fine on my dashboard when I select Dollar Growth in sheet selection filter. But when I select Unit Growth from the filter other filters (Region and Sub region) not working. it doesn't  saw any values apart from all. Same issue I am facing for legends as well.


      Possible reason is all the filters are getting generated from the worksheet called "Dollar Growth" so for that worksheet it will work fine. where as for "Unit Growth" I am not adding filters again because I don't want filters and legends twice.


      I tried lots of option but no luck.


      Please help me on this issue. This is very urgent.