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    Exporting to Crosstab Error - Anyone Seen This?

    Matt Lutton

      I have an end-user who has reported an error with exporting as a Crosstab.  Sometimes it works fine for her, but other times the data that is supposed to end up in an Excel file ends up being displayed in a plain text web page.  Has anyone seen this?  I am wondering if it may be a browser-related error, or if anyone has any experience with this issue?


      I've witnessed the behavior--it is happening in Internet Explorer.


      In Chrome, the Export button won't allow her to click it at all--its there, and its active (appears clickable), but clicking it does nothing.  Yes, a sheet has been actively selected to specify what to export.


      I had her download Firefox, and everything works smoothly.


      Any ideas?  She is several hundred miles away so I cannot see her machine at the moment.


      Here's what happens in Chrome after the export downloads "successfully":

      Export Result Error.png

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          Murali Govindu

          Hi Matt,


          I would see if I can republish the workbook once again and check, if possible.


          I will also check if this is the only workbook or there are more


          If your (both) environment accepts go for a remote logging tool and see her machine (TeamViewer, Logmein when u can also interact or Skype, Webex, Google Talk, etc.. atleast where you can see her screen and speak to her to navigate)


          See the Java version and see if the Chrome is on updated browser and you might have ensured the updates on IE and its versions too.


          How about the data connections and is it being paused or set for refresh.  How about extract schedules and is that time coinciding with her access to these dashboards and in particular when opting for export.


          I had some issue recently (not crosstab) my dashboards are dancing (expanding and contrasting in a split of a sec. in loop), I have seen one of sheets on the Dashboard needed more space!  I thought of browser issue, so checked in both IE and Chrome, found no issues.  Then have adjusted the display from Automatic to Exact and reverted after one or more times and its all set.


          I am sure one of the above checks may take you close to the answer if not a solution itself!

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            Matt Lutton

            Thanks for your reply.  I'm really just looking to see if others have seen this error.  She only reported it happening in this one workbook, but it only happens sometimes in Internet Explorer--other times, it was fine.

            There are no other issues with the dashboard, extract, data source, etc.  I'm certain its something to do with her machine, so just curious if others have seen this.


            I've instructed her to check her updates, including Java.


            I have opened a support case and will report back what I find out.