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    How to optimize extract for Tableau server?

    Gengming Chen

      The concept of Extract optimization is very confusing from Tableau official document. I need to optimize our extract to improve efficiency.  Any help or advise will be appreciated. Here is the situation we are in:


      1. Workbook is connected to SQL server

      2. We then created a local version of Extract by import all data

      3. We built the report

      4. Go to Data->Extract->Optimize

      5. Publish the Extract to Tableau Server

      6. Switch the connection for the Workbook to the Extract in the server

      7. Publish the Workbook to Tableau server.


      Because data is created through SQL server. Once the Extract is published to Tableau server, we can setup the scheduling for incremental refresh.


      However, my question is:

      Does my step 4 above makes any difference to the extract that is published to the server? Does the optimization help to materialize any aggregate measure for the Extract now that is published in the server?