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    Stacked Bar Funky Label Problems

    Joan Dalpe

      I've been working on this stacked bar problem for two days now. Thanks to Matthew for pointing out that I had a calculation issue yesterday!


      I have typical stacked bars where the two colors represent % of bar and the bar axis is in $s. Out of 20+ bars, Only two of them are showing % labels and they are duplicated in each color. At first I figured it had something to do with the labeling min/max, cell/pane....but changing those setting doesn't affect the situation except to make it worse.


      Also, I can't seem to generate a total label in $s at the top of each column. The option to use the $ data field doesn't even show up when I go to add a reference line for each cell.


      If anyone know what's going on, could you explain it so that I can replicate the solution in the real file that I'm working on?


      Thanks in advance, especially to those that have looked at this file a number of times over the last couple of days!