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    On IPad 2 parameter drop-down is cut off

    Valerie Joyce


      I can't seem to be able to make a drop-down parameter appear full width when rendered on an IPAD 2.  In development and on the server the drop-down appears like this with the entire drop-down choices appearing when you choose the drop-down arrow:


      Server dropdown parameter is not cut off.jpg


      On the IPAD 2 the entire dashboard fits on the screen but there is no drop-down arrow.  Instead you have the tap ability to see your drop-down choices and when you tap to see them it only displays this much of the drop-down choices (see below).  You can scroll back and forth within the choices but it is not the most user friendly.  Is there something I am doing wrong in development?  Thank you,  Valerie Joyce

      IPAD 2 dropdown parameter cut off.jpg