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    Concurrent Sessions by User

    Greg Cowart

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm looking for help trying to figure out the number of concurrent sessions at a given time by each user based on the Adjusted Start Time and Adjusted End Time.  I"m not really sure where to even begin calculated field wise any help would be appreciated.  Attached is the sample workbook I have to work with.


      Thanks in advance,

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Greg -


          Let's talk about what your end goal is - I'm not quite clear what you're looking for. I think what you'd like to see is a Gannt chart which shows each user who has logged on ("logged on" = "session", in my mind) ... with one row-per user...and how long they were logged on. That way, you can visually scan all the rows and see when multiple users were logged in at the same time. Is that about it?


          I got a little confused because you say "concurrent sessions by each user"...which makes me think that maybe a single user can have multuple things going on at the same time. If this is the case, please confirm and give us a little bit more context.


          In any case, I think this article will help you get started - it shows how to build the chart you'll probably end up using:


          Creating a Gantt Chart for Small Time Increments | Tableau Software


          Hope this helps?

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            Greg Cowart

            Hi Russell,


            Thank you for the response, sorry I've been slow getting back to you I was out of the country.  What I'm looking for is to basically quantify how much of a persons time is spent multi-tasking.  There are always going to be multiple agents logged in, what I need to know is when they are logged in what % of the time are doing just 1 session, 2 sessions, etc.  What we are looking at are incoming chat sessions for a support desk, they can handle up to 3 customers at one time and I need to report on their efficiency to understand the value chat is bringing. Does that make sense?



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              Russell Christopher

              OK, I’d suggest you give that article above a whirl and report back if it’s not showing you what you want ☺

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                Greg Cowart

                Thank you Russell for the help that created a very cool visualization that works over short periods of time, it looks great.  It isn't exactly what I'm looking for, but I will be able to use it.  I'm including an excel mock-up so you can better understand what I'm trying to do. Again these would be based on the Adjusted Start and Adjusted end times in the data.


                AgentTotal SessionsSingle Sessions2 Sessions3 Sessions
                Carl Fanshawe86502511
                David Cantemir88522511


                I just realized I might be asking this question the wrong way, so here is an edit.


                Is there a way to do a CountIF statement that would look at the start and end times and count it if there were 2 sessions, then a second calculation that would count it if were 3 sessions?


                Thanks again!