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    Formatting Month/Day/Year label

    Chaya Gordon Burstyn

      I am using the Month/Day/Year as columns in my graph and it displays each day as October 29, 2013, October 30, 2013 etc. etc.  How can I get it to display as an abbreviation 10/29/13, 10/30/13 etc.? It doesn't give me the option to change it when I go into format.


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          Matt Lutton

          Packaged workbook (.twbx) file is the best way to get help.  Please post.

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            Chaya Gordon Burstyn

            There is just too much confidential data in there for me to do that, but here is a screen shot of the report I am talking about, basically I want the dates at the bottom to read 10/29/13, 10/30/13 etc.


            I have to keep what I have chosen for my date in the columns which is custom month/day/year date part, it is my only option for all the other formulas I have already created to work for this report.




            When I right click on the date and go to format, this is what I get, I don't have any options to change the format of the way the date is displayed.




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              Matt Lutton

              You've been using the forum long enough to know:  it is very simple to create a sample workbook demonstrating an issue like this!    I'm sorry, but I cannot help unless I can interact with a workbook on this one.  No offense intended.  Thanks!


              Have you tried editing the default format in the data window?  In a sample workbook I've started, it appears that the MDY format is limited to this one, but the actual date field itself can be formatted the way you want it to be--I'd just use that field if you can and set it to default as the format you want, rather than using MDY.


              If that won't work, I'd set up my data source to have the dates in the format I wanted.