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    San Francisco Crime Viz

    Allan Walker

      Link to viz


      In this visualization, I took data from a user of the Tableau community forum, post is here.


      Comments are welcomed.

      SF Crime.png

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          Matt Lutton

          I dig it. Simple but elegant.  Easy to use and understand.


          I am on my home machine and it was slow to process filters, but that could easily be the machine or network I'm on.


          When I applied filters to simplify the views, the bottom line chart became a little less clear to me at first (it was difficult to locate the location of the line on a scale) but of course, hovering over the marks takes care of this pretty easily.




          I'm also curious what "Misc" represents (I didn't look at the forum post yet, but are linked details possible or are you aiming to keep it to one dashboard?). Thanks for sharing!

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            Allan Walker



            Thanks!  To be honest, I have no idea what "misc" represents, as I just took the data and played with it.  My guess is it means "miscellaneous"; probably a catch all category. 


            I played around with doing some mark labels/reference lines, but it just gets way busy and the tooltip delivers the functionality.  I guess if you wanted to print it off then the values should be added!

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              Matt Lutton

              I agree.  You could also use a tooltip info button of some kind to encourage users to explore the marks.  Of course, you are already well aware of this but just another thought I had. 


              I really like looking at examples like this--keep on sharing!