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    Filters Cascading Up If I Select 'Only Relevant Values'

    Brian Scott

      Let's say that I want the user to be able to shuttle between hierarchies utilizing filters; i.e.,


      Select From Group A






      Select from group B

      [fruit] apples

      [fruit] pears


      [drinks] martinis


      Unfortunately, if I set group A to use the 'Only Relevant Values' choice, then someone makes a choice in group B, all of my choices in Group A disappear except the selected group.  It makes it very difficult for me, as I've got some data that, depending on date range selected, won't render anything.  The upshot is, if the user has a 'bad' date range selected, and I leave 'Only Relevant Values' unselected, the user can get a choice to hit a button that renders a blank panel.


      This seems like enough people must have run into this previously that I'm missing something obvious to fix it.  Can anyone help?