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    Tableau Timeline

    Allison Brown

      Does anyone know how to set up a timeline like this? Download Workbook


      Specifically which view to use.



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          Matt Lutton

          You can analyze any Tableau Public workbook by viewing the individual sheets from a dashboard.  The sheets aren't hidden in this one when you download the file, but they often are, so you use the "Go to Sheet" option:

          Go to sheet.png


          I'm not sure what you mean by "which view to use"--"view" is a term that holds several different meanings in the BI world--A sheet in Tableau is called a "view", you've got database "views", etc.  I think you were asking about the type of chart--the answer there is it is a Gantt Bar.

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            Allison Brown

            Yes, I just can't figure out how it was set up from this.


            My specific problems:

            - which view to use (table, bar graph, etc)

            - how to get one continuous bar across the different times



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              Mark Smith


              The Gantt marks type relies on repeating records for each color block of time.  The bar is actually created by dropping the unusual calculation field on the marks card and selecting size by.  That's what gives each block of time the same length of a bar.  Does that help?






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